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Q.  Do you provide safety mats?

A.  Yes, safety mats are provided with all Bouncy Castles and soft play items where appropriate.

Q.  What time will it be set up and collected?

A.  This really depends on the time of your event and if it is in a village hall or your garden! We try to fit in with what you want but normally deliver between 30 minutes to an hour before your event starts when it's in a hall or within our normal delivery times when at your house. We generally aim to deliver between 8am-12pm and collect between 5pm-8pm.  If you require a drop off or collection out of these times please just ask and we will do our very best to accommodate. 

Q.  How many children are allowed on at once?

A.  This depends on the size of the castle and the age of children using the Bouncy Castle. Recommended number and height of users are written on the front step of the equipment when they are tested.

Q.  Can I mix ages?

A.  No, this is not a good idea. It is best to either have a separate Bouncy Castle or to only allow children of a similiar age and size on at the same time.

Q.  How long does a day's hire last?

A.  This can vary depending on your venue, how long your party is and how long you would like the inflatables. We do our best to fit in with when you would like them delivered but we are only human!

Q.  Is your equipment safe?

A.  Yes, all of our inflatables are tested every year to ensure that they reach strict safety standards. All our electrical equipment is also PAT tested each year. 

Q.  How much space do I need to fit the castle in?

A.  Obviously the more space you have the better. However you will need at least an extra 1.5 metres at the front and back to allow for the blower and mats and an extra 1 metre either side of the bouncy castle. Please see individual castles for exact measurements. You must also ensure the area is clear and free of any debris including glass, sharp objects and any animal foul. 

Q.  Can I put a Bouncy Castle indoors? 

A.  Yes, many of our inflatables are designed to go indoors and we go to many venues in the local area.

Q.  Are dogs or small animals allowed on?

A.  No, dogs and small animals should not be let on the inflatables, this is not fair on them and could be quite scary,  and could also damage the equipment.

Q.  When it's hot can I put water on the slide?

A.  No! Slides, water and electricity definitely do not mix.  Even when it appears the slide is dry at the end of the day after water has been put on, the water is still there. This makes the slide heavier and can take several days to dry.

Q.  What if it's a wet day?

A.  We are happy to re-arrange your booking as long as we have not already delivered the equipment.  However, we would be grateful if you could ring early in the morning (between 8am and 9am) if you wish to do so. Our inflatables are safe to be used in light showers, however in heavy or continuous rain, they should not be used.

Q.  How do we know that you are reliable?

A.  Ask any of your friends who have hired an item from us!  We pride ourselves on providing a professional, safe and reliable service and have NEVER let anyone down!

Q.  Access to our garden is difficult - can you go up steps?

A.  This depends on how many steps there are and the size of the garden. For the smaller items a few steps are not normally a problem but we may require help from you. Please ask BEFORE you book and we can discuss the options with you. 

Q.  We have booked a Bouncy Castle and the birthday child is taken ill on the morning.  Can we cancel?

A.  Yes we are happy to re-arrange the booking if this happens as long as we have not already delivered the equipment, but please let us know as soon as possible.

Q.  Can the Bouncy Castle be used in wet weather?

A.  Our inflatables are safe to be used in light showers and all extension cables are fitted with RCD's so would cut out if they became dangerous. However, in heavy or continous rain, inflatables should not be used.

Q.  My Teenager wants a Bouncy Castle?

A.  We have a couple of Bouncy Castles perfect for teenagers - please see the 'Disco Dome' section for more information and also our new Slide Combo Bouncy Castle.

Q.  We take great pride in our lawn - will the Bouncy Castle damage it?

A.  The Bouncy Castle should only flatten the grass temporarily. We do also need to secure the Bouncy Castle to the ground using stakes which will make small holes but nothing major.

Q.  How are the inflatables secured down to stop them moving?

A.  All our inflatables are pegged to the ground using steel stakes, typically we peg in six places for a small (12' x 12') Bouncy Castle. For indoor hires we use sandbags to stop movement. Please note we do not install bouncy castles on to hard surfaces like concrete this is due to safety reasons.

Q. What payment methods do you accept?

A. We can accept the following payment methods: PayPal, Cash or Bank Transfer.

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